A better word

While in sweden I came across a better word. A better word that more accurately describes what I do and what many other smiths do with metal. Gesalter a german word that directly translates into shaper or former, but when used as a description tells of a person that makes things but is somewhere between a designer and a artist. This is way more accurate description for what I do because as a metalsmith because I make art but often times I have to add elements of design in order to make things function. If i am making a piece of pure art that’s one thing but when I am working on something for a client I have to play designer and artist at the same time. I have to keep the clients wishes in mind while creating the piece and also make sure it meets my requirements. This switching back and forth is something most smiths do. So maybe the english language should pick up gestalter, it would be my recommendation, I mean come on the swedes have already done it whats one more word that could describe what blacksmiths and metalsmiths already do.