Being creative is fucking hard. Generating ideas for new art work is even harder. Some would say that the difference between a good artist and a great one is that the former never runs out of ideas, or doesn’t get artists block. While that’s not always the case the ability to quickly come up with new ideas and concepts can make a difference when it comes to success in the world of art or any other creative field. You won’t always have a lot of time to spend on the creative process. What ever that process is to you, it’s relatively important to develop the intuition that helps you decide if an idea is worth pursuing.

I’m fairly new to the art and the creative process but I can attest it’s probably one of the most difficult things I have to do. I’ve found that the idea of sitting around waiting for inspiration to hit you out of nowhere is a relatively bullshit concept. “Inspiration exists but it has to find you working”- Pablo Picasso. I find this quote to be quite true, most of my “good” ideas so far, all seem to have been generated while I was working, not siting around looking at pinterist hoping something pops out at me. And while the creative process is relatively lengthy and not always straight forward even minor revelation like tweaking a minor element in a piece can lead to a huge break through.  So my advice no matter what the situation is to get out there and get to work. It’ll be more helpful than you think.