To my fellow artists and creatives

Late last year I decided that being a professional artist is something I wanted to pursue. So logically I felt, I needed to start taking my art and myself more seriously. I didn’t want my metalwork to be just to be a hobby but turn it into something more. So I started researching craft art , creative process, art theory and being a professional artist. I haven’t gotten too deep into my research yet, I’ve only read a few books but now that I am back at school and have access to a library again it should progress much quicker. Two books have already stood out and have been immensely useful, both are by Austin Kleon. They are titled “Steal like an artist” and “How to show your work”. They have been immensely useful in helping develop and explain the creative process and other aspects of being a creative. “How to show your work” helped motivate me to create this website and blog. Kleon has another book coming out in April titled “Keep Going” that I am looking forward to reading. I’d recommend these to everyone who does anysort of creative work, not just artists. Anyhow just thought I would share these awesome books.